Dr. Ted Lin, MD, focuses on providing patient-centered care through individualized treatment plans to optimize their lifestyle and improve their quality of life.  Utilizing the latest treatment options, Dr. Lin combines medication, interventional procedures, and adjunctive therapies to improve patient care.

Dr. Lin provides a full array of interventional treatment options including, but not limited to: cervical/thoracic/lumbar epidural steroid injections, cervical/thoracic/lumbar selective nerve root blocks, peripheral nerve blocks, kyphoplasty, vertebroplasty, intrathecal pump therapy, neuromodulation therapy, sympathetic nerve blocks, nerve plexus ablation, peripheral nerve ablation, intravenous blocks, joint injections, ultrasound and fluoroscopically guided procedures. He is also experienced in the medical management of acute, chronic and cancer pain.

Dr. Lin has lived and worked in the greater Houston-Galveston area for over 20 years. He understands the diversity and demands of his patients throughout the region. He is also fluent in Mandarin Chinese. He remains an active member of the Texas Pain Society, American Pain Society, American Society of Regional Anesthesia, Texas Society of Anesthesiologists and American Society of Anesthesiologists. He values each patient and views each encounter with his patients as an opportunity to make a difference in their lives.